Constituent Services

Constituent Services

  • How Rep. Scibak Can Help
  • How to Request Assistance From Rep. Scibak’s Office
  • Tools to Stay Informed
  • Quick Links to Government Resources

How Can Representative Scibak Help?

Representative Scibak  or his staff can help you with state government:
  • We can help you navigate the complex network of resources and services offered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • We can make inquiries on your behalf about the status of certain problems or issues you may have with state government
  • We can offer advice about the best way to resolve  your particular concerns
Other ways Representative Scibak can help:
  • Represent your opinion and concerns  during  the legislative process
  • Provide updates and information on any legislation or issue being addressed in the state legislature
  • Provide a personal note, citation or resolution to commemorate a special event or occasion
Other sources of help:
  • If you live outside of the 2nd Hampshire District, use this search tool to find the State Senator or Representative who represents your community.
  • If you need help with a local government agency, for instance concerning zoning, public schools, or public housing, visit the 2nd Hampshire District or search here to find contact information for the appropriate local department.
  • If you need help with a federal government agency, such as a problem with immigration, Social Security or Medicare, please contact your representatives in Congress: Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey, Representative Richard Neal for Easthampton, South Hadley And Granby, or Representative Jim McGovern for Hadley

How to Request Assistance from Rep. Scibak’s Office

To request our help, contact us by telephone, email, or mail using the information on the Contact  page. For us to help you best, we suggest that you:
  •  Describe the situation with as much detail as you have.  Have you contacted someone already?  If so, can you provide the name and contact information of that person? When was the date? Have you completed a form or application of some kind? What have you been told?  Were you promised a response that you have not received?.
  • Please explain the nature of the problem.  Does it involve only you?  A child?  A parent? Another relative?  Someone else?  What do you think might happen if your problem is not solved?
  • Due to privacy laws, some agencies will not speak with our office without a signed release form.  Some of those forms are located below in the “Commonly Requested Forms” area.

Tools to Stay Informed

There are a number of resources to help follow the legislative process, the creation of the state budget, or the elections:
  • Your Election Information - Learn how to register, where to vote, and how to get in touch with each of your state and federal elected officials.
  • Massachusetts General Court - Access information about the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the state legislature’s committees and current legislation.
  • Legislative Tracking System - Follow the progress of a specific bill.
  • - Every formal session of both the Massachusetts House and Senate are streamed live online. Watch the Massachusetts House and Senate debates as they happen and follow how your representatives vote.
  • Massachusetts Transparency - Get details on the state budget, see where the state's money comes from, locate a law on a topic that is of interest to you or obtain information on any city or town in Massachusetts.

Quick Links to State Government Resources

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