Jan 23
"About 300 human service workers learned about their economic impact on the Pioneer Valley when the Human Service Forum held its annual legislative forum at the Castle of Knights in Chicopee on Friday morning. The group heard these figures cited from a new report by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission: • One out of five workers in the Pioneer Valley – about 52,000 – is employed in human services, social services or health services. • They earn $1.6 million in wages. • They are employed by 1,045 organizations. • About 75 percent of expenditures by these organizations stay here in the Pioneer Valley. About 20 state legislators attended the breakfast to listen to their constituents and answer questions. After the opening remarks, they moved to tables around the hall for discussions. At the table headed by state Rep. John Scibak, D-South Hadley, for example, people had questions on everything from workplace bullying to the substance abuse “epidemic.”
John Scibak 2011.jpg
To the first question, Scibak said progress was being made on the bullying front, but “we’ve barely scratched the surface.” To the second, he said he voted against casinos in the past, but voted for the Casino Bill and now believes much of the funding to treat drug abuse will come from those revenues. Although the need for more money was a recurrent theme of the conference, participants said human service agencies also save people money..."
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