Jul 11
"HADLEY - Town Clerk Jessica Spanknebel was facing the routine task of swearing in committee members and town employees, and she wanted to thank them for their service to the community. So she threw a party. On Wednesday evening, with cars and trucks zooming by on nearby Route 9, 30 people gathered outside Town Hall to raise their right hands together and promised to fulfill their duties faithfully. Then they went inside to enjoy cake and refreshments and to share a sense that they are upholding small-town values. The cake was topped by an edible replica of the sign welcoming motorists to Hadley just east of the Coolidge Bridge. As the committee members chatted about town government, state Rep. John Scibak said he wasn't aware of any other town in the region that holds such a ceremony. "People are closer to government in Hadley and understand what's needed," the South Hadley Democrat said. "They think, 'If I don't volunteer, who will?' " Spanknebel said she heard about a similar group swearing-in ceremony in Westford in the eastern part of the state from the town clerk there..." View the full article