Current Legislation

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Health Care
Oral Health
Consumer  Protection

Health Care

H 2413  An Act creating a special commission on applied behavior analysis
H 1223 An Act to relative to the Massachusetts Alzheimer's Project
H 1222 An Act for the establishment and operation of a cancer drug repository program
H 571 An Act providing for the care & treatment of patients with Mitochondrial Disease
H 1628 An Act to provide a hearing aid tax credit
H 574 An Act to provide coverage for hearing aids
H 195 An Act to provide increased access to hearing aids
H 572 An Act relative to insurance coverage for PANDAS/PANS
H 581 An Act relative to insurance coverage for craniofacial disorders
H 573 An Act relative to preauthorization of medical and health care services
H 578 An Act advancing and expanding access to Telemedicine services
H 1998 An Act providing for the licensing of applied behavior analysts

Oral Health

H 584 An Act relative to Medical Loss Ratio for insurance corporations
H 624 An act relative to Early Childhood Cavities
H 580    An Act relative to public health dental hygienists
H 582 An Act relative to dental benefit plan transparency and patients' Bill of Rights
H 583 An Act relative to financial services contracts for dental benefits corporations
H 1225 An Act relative to the restoration of MassHealth adult dental benefits
H 1226 An Act relative to dentistry licensure examinations
H 199 An Act relative to dental licensing exams
H 579 An Act relative to fluoride varnish service for moderate to high cavity risk patients

Consumer Protection

H 577  An Act to regulate appraisal management companies
H 117  An Act relative to the Payment of funeral expenses for poor
H 1999 An Act relative to home inspections
H 1307 An Act relative voluntary towing reform
H 198 An Act authorizing the sale of farmer-distiller products at farmers' markets
H 1447 An Act relative to equitable treatment under state retirement laws
H 1221 An Act prohibiting the use of all latex gloves and products by persons who handle food
H 957 An Act prohibiting non-disparagement clauses in certain contracts


H 697  An Act protecting children residing in public housing in the commonwealth
H 700  An Act relative to condominium or homeowners association governance and meetings
H 698  An Act relative to condominium or homeowners associations
H 699 An Act relative to meetings of condominium or homeowners associations
H 701 An Act relative to the removal of a trustee of a condominium or homeowners association
H 702 An Act relative to resolution of disputes for condominiums or homeowners associations


H 646 An Act establishing the Massachusetts higher education matching grants program
H 1040 An Act relative to One Stop Career Center
H 2060 An Act relative to rates of payment for early childhood education and care


H 197 An Act updating certain requirements for obtaining liquor licenses
H 196 An Act updating certain requirement for an on premises liquor license
H 575 An Act amending Chapter 234 of the Acts of 2012
H 576 An Act making corrective amendments to Chapter 234 of the acts of 2012
H 1224  An Act relative to expanding veterinary treatment practices
H 1713 An Act designating shaken baby syndrome awareness week
H 1714 An Act establishing school bus driver day
H 985 An Act relative to indemnification of the Umass police
H 2145 An Act relative to equine dentistry
H 1997 An Act relative to licensure of equine dentists