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  Throughout the past Fifteen years, I’ve worked to pass a variety of legislation, addressing issues from quality of education and healthcare to the unique needs of the Second Hampshire District.

Accomplishments in the Legislature:


Funding for Local Projects
Play $50,000
South Hadley Culinary Arts Program $250,000
CASA- Franklin/Hampshire county $100,000
MCC Local Program Grants - ECA+ (Easthampton Cultural Council) $6,280
Replacement of Northampton Street – Easthampton $300,000
Public library construction – South Hadley $4,841,312
Housing rehabilitation and Everett Street improvements - Easthampton $895,950
Buttery Brook Park – South Hadley $250,000
Dike Repairs – Hadley $800,000
Nashawannuck Pond Dredging – Easthampton $235,000
Reunion Center & Youth Entrepreneurship Project – Easthampton $400,000
Old Firehouse Museum – South Hadley $50,000
Beachgrounds Park Upgrade – South Hadley $500,000
Ledges Golf Club Clubhouse – South Hadley $37,088


Strengthening the State’s Oral Health Program
Poor oral health can affect some of our most basic activities, such as speaking, eating and learning and working. Dental disease also causes the state to waste thousands of dollars in preventable emergency care. To tackle this problem, the legislature actively worked to address the issue of improved access for all. An Act to Improve, Protect, and Promote the Oral Health of the Commonwealth, strengthened the state’s oral health infrastructure, improved access, and changed the way dental care is delivered. This historic piece of legislation was a remarkable collaboration between the Legislature, the Administration, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and health care advocates. Overall, this legislation created a healthier Massachusetts and brings us another step closer to fully meeting the oral health needs of the Commonwealth.
Building Awareness for Shaken Baby Syndrome
There are an estimated 1200-1500 reported cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) in the U.S. each year and it is the leading cause of death due to child abuse in the U.S., with one out of every four SBS victims dying from their injuries. The 50 percent who survive suffer from brain damage, seizures, paralysis, blindness, and other learning disabilities. An Act Relative to Baby Shaken Syndrome Awareness established a statewide initiative to educate parents, caregivers, health care providers and other professionals regarding the dangers of shaking infants and children and the risks associated with SBS. The bill required that the Department of Public Health develop educational materials, develop a support program for SBS victims and their families, and institute a surveillance program to track the incidence of SBS and traumatic brain injury in infants and children. As a result of this legislation, parents are provided with information on SBS and prevention measures prior to leaving the hospital with their newborns. Because of this legislative victory, some children who might have died or been injured will be spared.
Creating an Anti-Bullying School Culture
An Act Relative to Bullying in Schools provides a proactive approach to addressing Massachusetts’ bullying problems. In addition to requiring each school district-- including public, charter, and all non-public schools—to develop prevention and intervention plans, the legislation also updates the definition of bullying to include cyber-bullying, makes reporting mandatory, incorporates the role of parents and guardians in bullying prevention strategies, and requires age-appropriate curricula on bullying for students, and professional development for teachers and other staff. Overall, this comprehensive legislative will help to ensure a safe, healthy and productive learning environment for our state’s students.

Current Legislation:

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The Legislative Process:

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