Feb 07
The MMA is honoring nine members of the General Court with its Legislator of the Year award, largely due to their strong support of the Municipal Health Insurance Reform Act, which was signed into law last July. The first to receive the award was House Speaker Robert DeLeo, who accepted the honor during the opening session of the MMA’s Annual Meeting & Trade Show on Jan. 20 before a crowd of more than 700 local officials from across the state. “I am so grateful for this honor and I’m even more grateful for what this award represents,” said DeLeo, who began his political career as a Town Meeting member and then a selectman in his hometown of Winthrop. “To me, it demonstrates that our municipal leaders understand that we on Beacon Hill are doing everything in our power to help cities and towns – measures such as municipal health insurance reform, which will save these communities money, preserve jobs, and create much opportunity for growth. The House will continue to look to the MMA as a partner in all that we do.” During the award ceremony, Natick Selectman Josh Ostroff, who served as president of the MMA during 2011, called the speaker’s leadership on municipal health insurance “truly remarkable.” It was the third time the MMA had honored DeLeo as a Legislator of the Year. The following six legislators received their awards during the second day of the Annual Meeting, on Jan. 21: • House Ways and Means Chair Brian Dempsey • House Ways and Means Vice Chair Stephen Kulik • Senate Ways and Means Vice Chair Steven Baddour • House Minority Leader Bradley Jones • Joint Committee on Public Service House Chair John Scibak • Joint Committee on Public Service Senate Chair Katherine Clark View the full article.